The AutoXtension Lead Generation Service

We are experts at lead generation for dealerships. Through vigorous testing and planning we’ve found that there is no comparison to using Facebook to generate high quality leads. 

Standard Facebook ads have proven time and time again as a great tool for dealerships of all kinds. A “good” traditional Facebook ad will generate leads around $30. 

Facebook took note of this and invested millions of dollars into growing their Vehicle Marketplace(s). They created three key destinations for Dealerships to showcase their inventory.

 Facebook Marketplace for Vehicles

With over 200 million monthly shoppers, FB has dedicated this space to used vehicles.

Facebook Shop

An exciting new way for dealers to list their entire inventory (New & Used). 

Facebook Page

Most dealerships are already leveraging their Facebook pages in one way or another, even having a “vehicle” tab on their page allowing them to showcase their inventory directly to their audience. 

All three of these destinations have incredible potential for extremely affordable organic and paid leads. 

But there are a few roadblocks to solve before these destinations can be used effectively. 

  • It is extremely time consuming to individually upload inventory into any of these destinations and frustrating to continuously update as you sell or gain new inventory.

  • Although these destinations will provide organic content views it’s only using about 10% of the potential of these destinations due to lack of exposure. 

So we created the Facebook AutoXtension service.

 We put your entire inventory onto Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, and your Facebook Page, automatically updating your inventory and pricing every single day. Then we run ads directly to these on Facebook destinations to create the most powerful and affordable lead generation service available.

We’re so confident that it works that we guarantee a minimum of 30 leads in the first month AND spend the Ad spend out of pocket just to prove it works as well as we say it does. Better yet the cost per lead is always less than $10 and even as low as $4 for some of our clients.

How do we do it?

  • Hyper targeted vehicle content to people interested in buying

  • Position your offers directly to interested buyers who’ve already seen and engaged with your Facebook Ads, saving you money on crucial leads.

  • Track every step of their engagement process to give personalized offers to interested buyers. No more car offers for truck buyers.

We track every single lead, measure every single action, so we never have to guess what works. That way you know you’re not wasting a single marketing dollar.

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