Integrating Your Chatbot with Social Media

Have you noticed the increase in the use of chatbots on social media?

The simple yet essential fact is – conversational marketing generates a more personal engagement with your users. And it’s not difficult to create a chatbot for social media platforms.

An even better feature is the several pre-developed chatbots that provide you with advanced features and the capability to integrate into various social network channels.

If you opt to use a chatbot to automate your customer service on social media platforms, you start gaining access to a bunch of advantages for your brand. 

Top reasons Chatbots are the best

Allows for quicker purchases

With our busy and fast-paced lifestyle, people are more interested in doing all their mundane tasks quickly and easily. In fact, you can now just speak into your mobile device and order your favorite products – like with Amazon Echo. No more having to search through reams of products. Just talk or type what it is your looking for and presto – it’s ready to buy.

This is definitely something you, as a brand, need to keep up with. In fact, research suggests that users are more prepared and willing to make online purchases with the help of a bot.

Quicker Access to Information

This is one of the most accessed functionalities of chatbots. How many times have you been searching on a website for specific information, but it’s nowhere to be found? Now, all you have to do is use the chatbot, usually located at the bottom of the screen to find out what you need within seconds.

24/7 Customer service

Customers now expect around the clock access to everything they are interested in online. And that includes the support agent to go with it, to answer any questions, and resolve potential problems they might be facing during their online experience.

Why is this so important? The truth is, if a customer can’t find a product or have unanswered questions or problems, they simply abandon your website, never to return.

Some chatbots can even remember customers from their last visit. This is the perfect marketing tool for eCommerce to increase conversions and generate leads, not to mention close the sale.

Create a human Experience

Research has found that chatbot conversion rates are up to 266% higher than the average social media ad. People want to engage, and they feel like they are having a one-to-one conversation when you provide chatbots.

Where you can integrate your chatbot

Every social media platform is different. From individual user base demographics to behavior and purpose.

Because of this, there isn’t a one size fits all for how to use chatbots on social media. 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook believes that using live chat as a marketing channel is no longer a case of if – but when. Every month Facebook Messenger has in excess of 900 million active users. It creates a unique and compelling experience that can reach more people at scale.

Businesses and brands are supplying live chat functionality as well as more complex and complete experiences to interact with fans and customers. Facebook chatbots can attract and engage micro-targeted audiences.


This messaging app has over 1.3 billion active users. It’s emerged as an essential channel for both personal and business communication.

Customers are already comfortable using WhatsApp to share fast messages with friends and family, so there is no learning curve to start chatting with a chatbot.

No-one appreciates phone calls from unknown numbers. Some companies have found that if they do follow-ups on a WhatsApp chatbot instead of direct phone calls, they get significantly more responses. 


Instagram, although popular, does not currently have designated chatbots. But you can now seamlessly integrate your Facebook Messenger chatbot into Instagram. This allows you to provide fast replies, personalized experience, and checkout without leaving the social media platform.


LinkedIn is the leading social media network for B2B traffic and lead generation. Not to mention an excellent platform for new career opportunities and recruiting.

People are now expecting to have more human interaction with this social media platform. So, it appears that conversational marketing is moving into LinkedIn. There are currently bots that facilitate communication amongst connections and sends push notifications when required.

However, to get fully a functional chatbot, you will need to integrate the Facebook Messenger chatbot to LinkedIn.

Remember, chatbots can’t fake the human touch. They can’t replace a phone call or email when it comes to providing an in-depth answer or fix.

However, they can add extra value to your social media marketing strategy and be an advantage to automate customer service and drive traffic to your company’s website.

Chatbots are an excellent tool to use in your social media strategy.

People want to find the information they are interested in quickly and easily. The entire process needs to be simplified. Chatbots have what it takes to streamline things and raise customer satisfaction to a whole new level. They provide support in a real-time, on-demand approach that consumers want and need.

Are you ready to take the next step in conversational marketing?

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