NewRoads Fast Approval

Learn How NewRoads Fast Approval used AutoXtension to Skyrocket their new leads for under $5/lead!

NewRoads Automotive is a group of dealerships in the York region which allows them to offer a wide variety of different vehicles across multiple brands with a simple philosophy: There are never any problems, only solutions and no applicant is refused.

“The Challenge”

Continuously improve and expand sales online.

With all the infrastructure in place for digital marketing, including a website and a Facebook/Instagram page, they were still looking for ways to continuously improve and expand. The next area from improvement was Facebook and they knew where to turn: AutoXtension. After a small trial period, they were impressed with our results and decided to go full fledged and ramp up their monthly budget. Unfortunately their transition to a new website, many issues arose particularly in regards to connecting flawlessly with Facebook.

“The Solution”

Developed a system to guarantee accurate pricing and automate
the continuous updating of their vehicles.

Introducing AutoSync Pro

AutoSync Pro is a custom software we coded and installed to synchronize their inventory on a daily basis pulling out the latest vehicle added or vehicles sold or any other information that needed to be updated providing their car buyers with up-to-date information and increasing their auto sales conversions for the sales staff.

We then worked with their developers to rectify the technical issues with the Facebook events they faced. We worked day in and day out answering emails and calls within minutes so they could get back up and running to selling vehicles again.

Developing their advertisements and positioning them on Facebook using AI as part of our lead and sales generation strategy

The next stage was developing their advertisements and positioning them on Facebook as part of our lead generation strategy. As the budget and expectations were high, we brainstormed and prepared an extensive campaign centered around brand awareness and leads. This would in turn get them in front of a colossal audience alongside gathering an impressive amount of leads.

“The Results”

Delivered leads at just $4.55 per lead
Return on Investment
Delivered impressions with only $450

Are you ready to put your lead generation on autopilot?

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