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Learn How Hayden Auto used AutoXtension Tool to reduce their cost per lead by 81%!

Hayden Auto finance vehicles with a simple philosophy: Treat customers the way we want to be treated. Strategically and centrally located in Dartmouth and serving all of Atlantic Canada, Hayden Agencies has been helping Maritimers’ secure used car loans for over 30 years.

“The Challenge”

Guaranteed Up-to-Date Vehicles

Hayden Auto, already having great success, continually works to be the first choice for consumers looking for cars, mini-vans, trucks, and even boats! Their next major challenge was Facebook, where they had been frustrated by issues with the Facebook catalog.  It wouldn’t synchronize effectively with their inventory, where some stock wasn’t visible and sometimes prices were incorrect, showing up as $0 on Facebook.  They were also keen to make better use of Facebook as a marketing platform and needed some additional expertise to achieve this.  When we first talked to the team at Hayden Auto they were impressed with our track record of success and the service we offered.  More importantly, they were really happy with the budget-friendly options we provided so that they could test out Facebook with some low-risk lead-generation strategies.

“The Solution”

Implemented our system to guarantee accurate pricing and automate
the continuous updating of their vehicles.

The first step was correcting the technical issues with the inventory, we developed a system to guarantee accurate pricing and automate the continuous updating of their vehicles. This was developed so they no longer had to worry about manually adjusting inventory prices while enabling them to actively retarget website visitors on the Facebook platform.

Using the science behind Facebook as part of our lead generation and sales strategy.

The next stage was developing their ads using the algorithm to their advantage. As the campaign progressed, we actively coached them on managing their huge increase in Facebook leads supporting their team with additional training to help them respond effectively and to funnel the leads to support conversion activity.

“The Results”

Delivered leads at just $3.82 per lead
Reduction in cost per lead
Reduction in cost per impression
Delivered impressions with only $450

“Thanks, Patrick, it is great working with you, and we love the video and all the supporting information you provided to help us secure new leads, grow our revenue, and reduce our cost per lead” – John Furey, President @Hayden Auto

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