Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

The Greatest Lead Generation Tool Available In 2021

With access to over 200 million shoppers, the AutoXtension exceeded everyone’s expectations to automate lead generation. The Canadian car dealer was able to have their entire inventory on Facebooks’ Marketplace, Shop, and Business Page with the click of a single button getting them leads for under $10.

From October to December 2020

increase in inventory views
Lower CPM
lower ad budget used than their previous marketing partners

“The Story”

A Dealer Driven by Family

Headquartered in Rockland, Ontario the Belanger name has been serving Eastern Ontario for over 50 years.

Marcel Belanger has now developed a name for himself, a name that is synonymous with reliability and excellence within the automotive industry. Marcel has gone from a used-car salesman in the 60s to an owner of his own dealership with his sons Marc and Luc.

Family is the cornerstone of their operation and they run their dealership with pride.

“The Goal”

Acquiring Good Quality Leads Online

Belanger needed to boost sales. They hoped to increase the number of leads they were getting through Facebook and to then connect them directly with Sales Reps for shorter sales cycles.

“The Solution”

The Facebook Auto Extension

Pivoting During The COVID-19 Lockdown

During the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram had to find new ways to sell the cars it had in stock, so it pivoted away from the traditional model and decided to focus on the new largest online marketplace, Facebook. The issue was Facebook’s many complex algorithms, different areas to list vehicles, and the amount of time it was taking to learn the software and upload inventory. They needed help to overcome this problem and access the untapped customer base, that’s where we came in.

We built them a tool to automatically put their entire vehicle inventory onto Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, and their Facebook page without Marcel having to lift a finger.  Through automating these listings while running targeted and specific ads, Belanger was able to pull in more qualified leads than ever directly from active car buyers on Facebook.  They were getting easy and dirt cheap access to over 200 million shoppers. This is how the AutoXtension was born.

The Power of Using On-Facebook Technology

Very quickly Belanger realized the potential of the Auto Extension and worked closely with our team to maximize every single dollar of Ad spend, so no lead was ever wasted.

They loved our tools because it was effortless and provided a continuous stream of good quality leads that converted well above the industry average of 15%.

Together we proved that you don’t need thousands of upfront dollars invested to see results.

Extending The Vehicle Inventory To Multiple Targets

By having the entire updated inventory on 3 separate Facebook catalogs, the ads were able to display real-time pricing and availability, increasing the relevance for car-buyers.

After checking Belanger’s stock, customers could make their choice and confirm the sale online, and then choose to have their car delivered to their home. 


Flourishing During The Pandemic

The Facebook AutoXtension helped Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram discover a new and efficient way to sell cars online. Since COVID-19 hit they:

  • Increased their impressions by 3.9x 
  • Generated a 16x lower CPM 
  • ALWAYS got them leads under $10
  • Used a budget 4x lower than their previous marketing partners

These results have now become repeatable for many of our clients allowing us to guarantee a minimum of 30 quality leads in month one and the continuous ability to run ads that get them qualified leads for under $10.

Are you ready to put your lead generation on autopilot?

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